Our leaders are accomplished individuals who are passionate about winning the fight against cardiovascular disease.


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Accreditation Management Board

Wayne State Phillip D. Levy, MD, MPH, FACEP, FACC (Chair)
Professor of Emergency Medicine and Physiology,
Associate Chair for Research, Department of Emergency Medicine
Director, Clinical Research Service Center
Wayne State University School of Medicine, Integrative Biosciences Center
Brigham and Women's Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH, FACC, FAHA, FSCAl, FESC
Executive Director of Interventional Cardiovascular Programs,  
Brigham and Women's Hospital Heart & Vascular Center
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Michael C. Kontos, MD, FACC
Associate Director, Acute Cardiac Care;
Director, Coronary Intensive Care Unit Associate Professor, Dept(s) of Internal Medicine (Cardiology);
Emergency Medicine and Radiology
Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center

SMB Steven M. Berkowitz, MD, FACC
SMB Healthcare Consulting
Univeristy of Virginia David R. Burt, MD, FACC
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
University of Virginia Health System
Univ. Maryland Robert H. Christenson, PhD, DABCC, FACB
Professor of Pathology,
Professor of Medical and Research Technology
University of Maryland, School of Medicine
Ochsner Steven B. Deitelzweig, MD, MMM, SFHM, FACP, FACC, RVT
Ochsner Clinic Foundation, Hospital Medicine
UC Davis Deborah B. Diercks, MD, MSc, FACEP, FACC
Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
University of California, Davis Medical Center
Virginia Commonwealth University Robert L. Jesse, PhD, MD, FACC
Director of Acute Cardiac Care
Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Medical College
of Virginia and the Veterans Health Administration
Henry Ford James McCord, MD, FACC
In-patient Director of Cardiology
Henry Ford Hospital
Baylor W. Frank Peacock IV, MD, FACEP, FACC
Professor, Associate Chair and Research Director
Dept. of Emergency Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Ben Taub Hospital
Emory Univ. School of Medicine Michael A. Ross, MD, FACEP, FACC
Medical Director of Observation Medicine and Chest Pain Center
Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
Emory University School of Medicine
Rush University Gary L. Schaer, MD, FACC, FAHA, FSCAI
Professor of Medicine
Director, Cardiology Research and Strategic Development
Rush University
Univ. Florida David E. Winchester, MD, MS, FACP, FACC
Staff Cardiologist
Malcom Randall VAMC
Assistant Professor of Medicine
University of Florida COM



Saint Agnes Raymond D. Bahr, MD, FACC
Retired from St. Agnes Healthcare, Coronary Care Unit
Founder, Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care
Harvard Clinical Research Christopher P. Cannon, MD, FACC
Executive Director of Cardiometabolic Trials
Harvard Clinical Research Institute
Advisor, Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care


Foundation Board Members

UC Davis J. Douglas Kirk, MD, FACEP, FACC (Co-Chair)
Chief Medical Officer
University of California, Davis Medical Center
Duke L. Kristin Newby, MD, MHS, FACC, FAHA (Co-Chair)
Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Duke Clinic Research Institute
UC Irvine Alpesh Amin, MD, MBA, FACP, SFHM, FACC
Professor & Chair, Dept. of Medicine
Executive Director, Hospitalist Program
University of California
UC Davis Ezra Amsterdam, MD, FACC
Professor of Medicine
Director, Coronary Care Unit
University of California, Davis Medical Center
Brennan Manna Diamond John Childs, Esq
Brennan, Manna and Diamond
St. Francis Shahriar Dadkhah, MD, MBA, FACP, FACC, FCCP, FSCAI
Director of Cardiology Research
Saint Francis Hospital
Univ. Virginia Chris Ghaemmaghami, MD, FACEP, FACC
Chief Medical Officer
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
University of Virginia Health System and Medical School
Central Conn Louis G. Graff, IV, MD, FACEP, FACP, FACC
Medical Director, Chest Pain Unit
New Britain General Hospital
Heart, Lung, Blood Institute Mary Hand, MSPH, RN, AACC
Retired from National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (Division for the Application of Research Discoveries)
CedarsSinai Timothy Henry, MD, FACC
Interventional Cardiologist
Chief of Cardiology
Cedars Sinai Heart Institute
Drexdal Pratt, CPM
Retired from
Health & Human Services
State of North Carolinaes

ACC Accreditation Services Management Team

Abe Joseph, Vice President, Accreditation Services

Abe Joseph is a highly skilled professional with over 18 years experience in Product Management and Development with organizations that have served a global customer base. Joseph joined the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (now ACC Accreditation Services) in 2012 and brings expertise in understanding market trends, leading teams to successful development, and launching award winning new products that meet evolving customer needs. Joseph has expertise in entering new global markets, developing new customers, product positioning, market segmentation, branding, identifying growth opportunities, strategic planning, negotiating technology and business acquisition/partnerships. Abe led cross functional teams to grow and streamline product lines for profitable global business growth. Joseph is a former Product Manager at Diamond Innovations/Sandvik AB, and was also Product Development Manager at Worthington Cylinder Corporation/Worthington Industries.

Elizabeth (Beth) Stokes, Director of Clinical Operations

Beth Stoke's twenty-plus years of work within the hospital critical-care setting serves as the backdrop for understanding the plight of the modern day hospital: staff turnover, inconsistencies found in executive teams, physician-staff-process related challenges as well as monetary and reimbursement hurdles. Working for an international cardiovascular accreditation firm has provided the depth of understanding and practical insight needed to mitigate the problems all hospitals encounter, with solutions that are scalable and sustainable. Stokes has worked alongside hundreds of hospitals and staff nationally and internationally, coaching and mentoring, serving as a catalyst, speaking the vision for hospitals interested in CV process improvement. Her background as an Accreditation Conformance Research Manager and recognition as an Associate of the American College of Cardiology and a certified Cardiovascular Care Coordinator, enable her to assess the culture and viability of a hospital and render solutions from her broad knowledge to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, reduce costs, and help facilities provide a more reproducible, guideline-based approach to CV patient care.

Michele Wood, Director of Field Operations

Michele Wood became the Director of Field Operations for ACC Accreditation Services in January 2017. She previously served as the organization's Accreditation Field Manager. She now has oversight of all Accreditation Review Specialists and the Accreditation Customer Support team. Wood brings a diverse cardiac quality improvement, performance improvement, and data abstraction background. She has contributed to several publications on topics such as STEMI process improvement and the financial impacts of the STEMI process. She helped to develop the heart failure transition program at the hospital with which she was previously associated and had oversight of all cardiac clinical registries and reporting. In addition to her hospital background, she was a firefighter and EMT and volunteered in dispatch for 12 years.

Carol Smith, Director of Business Development

An experienced and results-driven professional with a track record in sales, marketing and non-profit leadership, Carol Smith has a special focus on helping companies grow. Her expertise in emerging technologies and IT consulting are especially valuable to ACC Accreditation Services product lines where her business coaching and consulting expertise will help member hospitals — especially senior management — understand and embrace the high-tech changes in healthcare, including value-based purchasing, data and analytics. Highlights of her career include leadership roles in sales and marketing with Sterling Commerce (now an IBM company) as the company experienced rapid growth from 1991 to 1999, and market development with Keane. She then began a successful consulting career in the areas of strategic planning, sales coaching, and market development, first with eGlobal Initiatives and then with her own company.

Casey Strader, Director of Marketing

Since joining the organization in 2004, Casey Strader has been a guiding force in the implementation of external marketing efforts. She now spearheads the planning and organization of the annual Congress and educational offerings as well as brand marketing and marketing communications for ACC Accreditation Services. Her strong interpersonal communication skills and outreach activities help bring together the key organizational disciplines that initiate and support the organization's accreditation service lines. Prior to joining the organization, she progressed through a variety of marketing and change management roles at Sterling Commerce (now an IBM company). During her 15-year association with Sterling Commerce she was a lead contact for corporate event management and coordination of C-level event functions. In addition, her years of service in the fast-paced world of applications development, included assignments associated with organizational change and transition management.

Cathy Frederick, Director of Finance

Cathy Frederick brings a strong background in finance, healthcare, human resources, and employee benefits administration. Before joining the organization, she served for 16 years as the business manager for one of the leading neurosurgery practices in central Ohio. In addition, she managed all aspects of the insurance and billing department, as well as human resources. Frederick has been an integral part of the rapid growth and expansion of our accreditation services. In addition to overseeing financial matters, she continues to manage aspects of employee compensation and benefits program, and sits on several internal committees.

Joe Spaulding, Director of IT

Joe Spaulding serves as the Information Technology Director for ACC Accreditation Services. He has been working in the computer and telecommunication field for over twenty years. During this time, he has held a number of leadership positions working as an information systems manager, a consultant, a network/system engineer and as a teacher/trainer. He has progressed through jobs of increasing responsibility in information technology including global computer operations, telecommunications, application system development, enterprise architecture, and information technology strategic planning. In a previous role with a large Ohio financial institution, he served for seven years as the Vice President of Information Technology. Spaulding currently holds positions on several Technology Councils in the community and serves on the board of directors for community non-profit organizations.

Dr. Ray Bahr

Our Founder

Dr. Raymond Bahr is a President Emeritus of the Society of Chest Pain Centers and continues to act as an advisor to ACC Accreditation Services. More than having conceived the first Chest Pain Center, Dr. Bahr continues to be a driving force within our organization. He founded the Society of Chest Pain Centers (later the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care — the forerunner to ACC Accreditation Services). His Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC) program is a benchmark for community outreach and education in heart disease. Dr. Bahr debuted EHAC as a common sense movement which recognizes that early symptoms of a heart attack occur in 50 percent of all heart attack patients and that these "beginnings" allow time for preventive measures to take place. As part of the mission to to change behavior and attitudes and increase awareness, Dr. Bahr devised the EHAC Oath.



"I understand that heart attacks have beginnings that may include chest discomfort, shortness of breath, shoulder and/or arm pain, and weakness.

These may occur hours or weeks before the actual heart attack.

I solemnly swear that if it happens to me or anyone I know, I will call 9-1-1 or activate our Emergency Medical Services."


The number of individuals who have taken the Early Heart Attack Care pledge has now climbed to nearly 650,000. What does the milestone mean to our founder?

"If each pledge saves just one life, we can almost cut the US cardiovascular death rate by fifty percent. With the changes in health care, we are taking the message beyond the hospital doors to involve the community and to help us save more lives. By spreading the message beyond the hospital doors, we can create the Virtual Coronary Care Unit in the Community to help reduce the burden on hospitals."

Dr. Raymond Bahr


Two recent articles by Dr. Bahr emphasize the improtance of continued awareness for Early Heart Attack Care and Heart Disease.

"Creating a Virtual Coronary Care Unit in the Community"
This article appears in the December 2014 issue of Critical Pathways in Cardiology. It outlines the strategy and vision that is required to achieve a Virtual Coronary Care Unit.

"EHAC Strategy Update"
Dr. Bahr wrote this article to update the accredited facilities on the growth in Early Heart Attack Care and his vision of new growth in 2015.